When approved by the voters in a 2022 election, future elections of Deschutes County Commissioner seats will be nonpartisan elections; just like all the other elected Deschutes Co. seats. To let the voters decide, we need your signatures to get it on a ballot. Unfortunately, the only way to sign this Citizen's Initiative petition is in person; no online or e-signatures allowed. We could use a Circulating presence in Redmond, Eagle Crest, Sunriver and other Deschutes communities. Click here to volunteer.

At Drake Park in Bend, on October 18th, from left to right in above photo, retired Tillamook County Commissioner Mark Labhart, past Deschutes County Commissioner Tammy Baney and Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Chang presented positions and fielded questions in an informational forum on the citizens' initiative petition to Make the Deschutes County Commissioner seats and elections nonpartisan. NCC Committee member moderated. Watch full event video.

We need 6,721 signatures. We knock on doors and . . .


4th Fridays -look for folks with clipboards


1st Fridays - look for folks with clipboards

52% of goal!

3,523 signatures

as of 12/05/21

Supporting Information & Events

We need your help to get more signatures.

Have a signing party!

Make a plan, contact us (see email button below) to arrange for a Circulator to bring signature sheets for your guests to sign.

We will be there with bells on!!

Contact us for questions, to sign the petition or to help. Thank you!