Initiative petition 2021-01-I is now MEASURE 9-148

Makes Deschutes County Commissioner seats and elections nonpartisan:

  • Nonpartisan elections are more inclusive because nonaffiliated or third-party voters have the same county ballot options as major party voters. About 40% of Deschutes County voters are not in either major party.

  • Without a primary race, the election cycle will be shorter for county commissioner seats, and also,

  • The expense to major party candidates to run for county commissioner will be far less without a primary.

  • Minor-party candidates for commissioner will be on an even start with major party candidates

  • Voters who are not in either major party will no longer need to change affiliation to vote for a county commissioner in a primary and then change their affiliation to the party they prefer after the primary.

We have filed signatures with the county three times. This was our first filing of 6,083. Shown here left to right, Michael Lui of County Clerk's office, Mimi Alkire & Susan Cobb, NCC committee Chief Petitioners and Phil Chang NCC Treasurer and County Commissioner. Michael is giving us a copy of the SEL 339 coversheet that we submitted with our heavy box of signature sheets. Our second filing was another 872 signatures per the county request for 731 more. Our third filing was 120 signatures in response to a request for 40 more.

NCC committee is transitioning to a measure campaign committee.

We beat the August 10th deadline!

As of 8/4/22, County Clerk qualified the signatures. It is Measure 9-148.

We are transitioning to a Political Action Committee for the measure.
Please, check this site for future campaign news.


7,145 signatures collected
to meet a 5,766 valid signatures goal

Supporting Information

If you want to know more about the petition: At Drake Park in Bend, on October 18, 2021, we had an event which included retired Tillamook County Commissioner Mark Labhart, past Deschutes County Commissioner Tammy Baney and Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Chang. They presented positions and fielded questions in an informational forum on the citizens' initiative petition to Make the Deschutes County Commissioner seats and elections nonpartisan. Watch full event video.

Contact us for questions or to help as we move forward. Thank you!