A strong majority in Deschutes County

voted YES on M9-148

Deschutes County Commissioner seats and elections WILL BE nonpartisan.

We send a huge THANK YOU to:

  • every registered voter who signed the petition,

  • every volunteer who gathered signatures,

  • every supporter who shared our handout,

  • every person who had events at their homes, places of work and businesses to allow signature gathering,

  • PLAZM who donated resources creating the logo, perfecting our webpage and our handout,

  • every organization that supported us; LWV Deschutes, Indivisible Sisters, Vocal Seniority, The Haven, The Source, The Nugget, Bend 350.org, Bend and Sisters Farmers Markets, Sisters Paulina Springs Books, Worthy Brewing, (hope we noted all - so many helped),

  • those who spoke publicly in support and/or submitted an 'Argument For' in the Voters Pamphlet; Tammy Baney, Mark Labhart, Phil Chang, Bruce Abernathy, Alan Unger, & John Gilbert, and

  • every person who donated to pay for printing and ads.