To get the petition on the ballot as a measure, we need 5,766 valid Deschutes County voter signatures. If the measure is approved by the voters in Nov. 2022, the County Commissioners must assure all future elections of Deschutes County Commissioners will be nonpartisan elections/seats. Currently, all other elected Deschutes Co. seats are nonpartisan. By the way, signing a Citizen's Initiative petition is only face-to-face; no online or e-signatures allowed. We need more venues in local communities. If you can help: Click here to let us know!

At Drake Park in Bend, on October 18, 2021: from left to right in above photo, retired Tillamook County Commissioner Mark Labhart, past Deschutes County Commissioner Tammy Baney and Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Chang presented positions and fielded questions in an informational forum on the citizens' initiative petition to Make the Deschutes County Commissioner seats and elections nonpartisan. A Nonpartisan County Commissioners (NCC) Committee member moderated. Watch full event video.

Where to Sign

In Bend

Saturdays, 2 - 5pm, Bend Downtown Farmer's Market, behind Tower Theater

In Redmond

Signing locations TBD

If you have a business establishment conducive for Circulators to do tabling (one or two people sit at table with signing information & sheets), please, contact us

In Sisters

4th Fridays, through 5/27
noon - 2pm
Suttle Tea
450 E. Cascade Ave.


4th Saturdays, through 5/28
11am - 1pm
Paulina Springs Books
252 W. Hood Ave.


of goal!

4,919 signatures

as of 05/14/22

Supporting Information

On 1/13/22, the County Clerk's office, found an error in our favor. NCC had the wrong base count of number of voters voting in the 2018 election for Governor of our state to apply the 6% that would give us the valid signature count to collect. Our goal was thus corrected from 6,721 to 5,766.

Just 847 more signatures in order to submit to the county. updated 5/14/22

Contact us for questions, to sign the petition and/or to help. Thank you!